Cape Learning Center

Welcome To Cape Learning Center!

We are a family owned and operated business since 1989, offering affordable prices and a loving staff that will care for your kids as they were our own. We offer infant care though afterschool care. Our goal is to provide all of the children in our care, a clean, safe,comfortable and loving environment,where they can play and learn.

                      Weekly Tuition

  Infants-$130.00  daily rate $30.00

One Years-$110.00 daily rate $25.00

Two Years-$105.00 daily rate $20.00

Three Years-$100.00 daily rate $20.00

Four Years-$75.00 daily rate $20.00

Ages Five-Twelve after school rate $45.00 daily rate $10.00

Ages Five-Twelve summer rate $75.00 daily rate $20.00

                         NO REGISTRATION FEE

                             Hours of Operation

                             6:30am - 6:30pm       


             INCLUDES FREE :